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I am an employee with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and have been for many years now.
I was hired by a wonderful gentleman, and from the time I interviewed with him, and saw all of his patches,
I've been infatuated with them! Now, I have a goodly number of patches (they're not all on the website yet...
and, no, I don't know exactly how many I have), but my collection is very modest, compared to his collection!
Three of the four walls of his office were covered with cork board, about desk-height to the ceiling...completely
filled with law enforcement patches! It was really something to behold! I wish I had some pictures of his
office, I'd share it with you.

Whenever we have visitors to my work area, we invariably begin discussing the patches I have all over my walls,
and it occurred to me that I could post them to a static website for all to see because, unfortunately, due to
security, not everyone can get into my office

I stay pretty busy, so the updates to this site may be sparse. Also, as this project progresses, I'll try to make the
images of the patches a little higher quality. With that said, I hope you enjoy!